CPC StarGro Program

CPC is committed to being your partner in the cattle backgrounding industry.  We’ve used our own experiences pre-conditioning cattle to develop an animal health and nutrition program that will promote your calves from the stressful weaning phase to healthy, pre-conditioned animals ready for feedlot or breeding.



Benefits of following the CPC StarGro Program:

  • Backed by years of trial work.  Used by CPC Livestock on approximately 100,000 calves each year.
  • The nutritional products in this program allow lighter weight, medium-frame steers and heifers to be fed for rates of gain that allow frame development and growth potential.  These healthy animals will offer maximum profits for finishers.
  • For producers who direct-market their cattle – establish demand for your cattle by providing consistent, reliable, and profitable animals!

Nutrition Program

Starting Products

Starting Ration – CPC Jump Start AV

“The Best Just Got Better”

CPC Livestock has recently found a combination of ingredients that improves the performance of our CPC Jump Start complete line of starter products.  This combination of ingredients achieves amino acid balancing, giving CPC Jump Start an Amino-Vantage over similar products.  Trial work completed by CPC Livestock has shown improved feed efficiency and reduced feed cost without affecting key health measures. Click here to download the CPC Jump Start AV Starter Launch PDF.

Used by CPC Livestock: CPC Jump Start AV A/B including Aureomycin® + Bovatec®

Additional Options: CPC Jumpstart AV R including Rumensin® | CPC Jumpstart AV unmedicated

CPC Receiver-Licks

This low moisture tub has proven to be an important and effective addition to the StarGro program and should be offered alongside CPC Jump Start AV starting ration. Engineered for pre-conditioning, this free choice supplement helps create a healthy rumen environment and will greatly assist in getting calves off to a fast, healthy start.

Growing Products

Growing Ration – CPC Grower 13%

CPC Livestock is interested in growing medium frame cattle the right way.  Achieving gains of 2.25 to 2.75 lbs/day, CPC Grower 13% promotes development of ideal frame and size before finishing.  This moderate energy growing yields high performing cattle with growth potential during the finishing phase of production.

Used by CPC Livestock: CPC Grower 13% R including Rumensin®

Additional Options: CPC Grower 13% A/B including Aureomycin® + Bovatec® | Low Starch Options

CPC Grower Licks

Designed for growing cattle, this free choice, low moisture supplement should be offered alongside the CPC Grower 13% ration. This important addition to the StarGro Program will help maintain a healthy rumen environment.



Animal Health Program

While proper nutrition plays a key role in the profitability of pre-conditioning, a strong animal health program is vital.  Cattle exposed to stockyards or other marketing environments are subject to extreme stress from overcrowded pens/trucks, co-mingling, infected holding pens, and more.  Many Animal Health companies have great products to help combat these elements.

When vaccinating your cattle, CPC recommends the following protocol as part of the CPC StarGro Program:

A+ Processing:Minimum 5-Way Respiratory Vaccine (Modified-Live)

Nasal Vaccine
Implant (For Feeder Cattle Only)
Clostridium Vaccine

Re-Vaccination:5-Way Respiratory Vaccine

Clostridium Vaccine

CPC Animal Health can provide you with all the recommended products. CPC Animal Health features speedy delivery options and competitive pricing. Give CPC Animal Health a call today! 615-688-6455

Tips for Successful Cattle Backgrounding:

  • Maintaining a clean source of water is vital to maintaining herd health.
  • Allow starting cattle free-choice access to hay at all times during the starting period.  Many cattle have never seen any other food source.
  • Always keep feed bunks clean.
  • Put groups of cattle together in as short a time as possible.  Long, drawn-out grouping periods tend to introduce new bacteria, and prolong sickness.
  • Knowing when to doctor a sick calf can mean the difference in a “money-pit” and an animal that recovers and goes on to show profit.
  • Allow plenty of room at the feed bunk.  Cattle that can’t fit at the bunk will not take in enough feed to grow appropriately.
  • Take proper measures to keep mud to a minimum.  Cattle that fight mud tend to not gain as well.
  • Put sick cattle in isolated pens to lessen the risk of spreading the bacteria.
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