Our goal is simple and achievable – use our own experiences feeding cattle to help other producers realize larger profits. The herd health and feeding regimen used by CPC Livestock on thousands of cattle each year is tried and true. When you put CPC products to work on your farm, you truly are using products “Proven on our Farm – Made for yours”!

Beef Cattle Feeds

  • Starting Rations
  • Growing & Maintenance Rations
  • Finishing Rations (adding this later)
  • Balancers
  • Custom Formulations

CPC Mineral

  • Beefmaker Series
  • Stocker Pro Series
  • Repro Plus Series
  • Repro Advantage Series
  • Repro Advantage Plus Series

CPC Licks

Forage Partner

  • Liquid Supplements
  • Minerals
  • Pressed Blocks
  • Thermo-Cured™ Nutrient Dense Tubs

CPC Stargro Program

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